Monday, November 18, 2013

Guess Who's Back

I'm officially back, in my time away I've put a lot of things in perspective.  I posted a video explaining why I needed to take such a long break from YouTube and Blogging.  To sum it up I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  During that time my personal life seemed to fall apart and feeling so ill I just had no energy to keep blogging.  

While I was away I've reflected and realized that the biggest thing holding me back from the success and what I really want from life, is me.  I constantly think about how I want to be further along with my different creative outlets and the only reason for that is lack of time invested.  I started this blog to expand my creative energy to more platforms and I'm realizing now it's time to really put in the effort.  My plan is to start expressing myself more and creating more of a connection with my goals and dreams.  If I never really try I'll never know how much I am capable of.  I hope that you all enjoy this journey with me. 


Sweater "Women's Loose Sweater" - LightInTheBox
Jacket - Romwe
Bag - Romwe
Leather Pants - H&M
Shoes - Anne Michelle Enzo 01
Lipstick - Wet & Wild 919B


  Hugs & Kisses, 




MiSean Claron said...

good to see you still look beautiful and. Sorry to hear about your health issue. Sending my love and you are in my prayers. Continue to stay strong hun

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is good! You look beautiful xo

Rachael said...

so glad to see that you're feeling better again!

Rachael xx

mykindafabulous said...

Very happy that you're back and feeling better.I wish you all the luck in the world with moving foward with things you love.I' m working on that myself. I hope you discover all you are capable of. :) ★
Big hugs,

I'm Just Me said...

glad your back!!! love the outfit!

Purple Ivy said...

Your hair is gorgeous. Love the edgy vibe of the look.


Melanie Owusu said...

Wow you are gorgeous! Love your freckles!

Shradha G Loves said...

Love love this look
S xx

Abigail Louise said...

you are beautiful! darling blog

Jennifer Noir said...

LOVVEE this look, the lipstick looks great on you! x

Mandy C. said...

You seriously look perfect on all these pictures haha. I have stared at them for 15 minutes (creepy much) :D