Monday, November 18, 2013

Room Tour

This candle is so divine, and the best part is the multi-layers!  I have just scratched the surface with the Vanilla Frosting scent, I'm excited to experience the Pumpkin Pie scent.. Yum!  This candle holder from HomeGoods sets the entire feel of the room, such a great buy at only $12.00!  The lights around the window are from Michael's in the wedding section.. I know.. strange right?  Pretty sure they were affordable at around $5.00 per set. (I needed two sets)

This picture captures one of those rare moments when my desk is not a complete disaster.  I usually have a million papers and books scattered all over. I wish I was one of those people that could study without creating a total mess haha!  I've had this desk for years and it was a horrible fake brown wood color until about 3 months ago.  I decided that along with my vanity it needed a face-lift.  I've always wanted the staple Ikea desk that every blogger has but I didn't want to shell out $200.00 for it.  I got some oil based furniture paint primer and some white paint and DIY'ed my way to stardom.  It was A LOT of work but It was so worth it. 

This "&" sign photo was also a DIY project that only took two seconds.  I bought the frame at HomeGoods and realized I had no picture that was the size of this frame.  I really hate printing out pictures from a computer because they always seem so faded and low quality but I still wanted something in the frame.  So I started thinking about quotes or words and finally decided to just put a "&" sign in there!  I love how minimal it is and since its just a simple black image my printer gets a break too.  Win Win.

After taking this picture I realized how little my lipstick collection had changed since my Vanity Storage video.. I have always been more interested in fashion but I feel like it's time for me to start messing around with make-up more.  Tomorrow I am going out to buy some new things to play around with. =)  Hopefully I will find lots of new fall/winter lipsticks and can create a new video showing some colder weather lippies.  Do any of you have some favorites that you want to share?  Please let me know! =)

I couldn't do a room tour without featuring the Fiance! <3 I haven't told anyone yet but we are planning to get legally married at the courthouse next month before we move into our new home in December.  I'm actually more excited about having a small ceremony at the court than I am about the big day in June.  I am actually a VERY shy person and I'm halfway dreading the huge day in June haha!  The courthouse day will be perfect because only a small amount of people will be there and Nathan and I can just focus on us without all the bells and whistles.  I still want to have a cute white dress for the legal ceremony and I think I'll bring flowers too!  Our family and friends will probably have a small celebration afterwards, can't wait =)  Anyways this is one of my favorite pictures of Nathan. =)   

Hi Loves,

So I know it's been awhile since I posted this video but I wanted to post some pictures that I took as well.  I am going to be moving into a new home with my fiance Nathan in December/January and I wanted to officially document my childhood room for the last time. *Sniff sniff*

I can't wait to start fresh next month with a new office space which will hold my ever growing clothing collection!  I will be sure to update you guys on my new house adventure and I will be sure to post pictures as soon as I have it decorated the way I like =). 

I tired to make these pictures as intimate as possible and I wanted to capture the way my room feels when its totally clean haha!  I have it set up to be a space where I can relax, light a candle, and be in my zen mode.  

If you haven't seen the video I have linked it below, all of the information regarding where things where bought is in the video.  Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorge!!! I love your room!

Chymere Anais

Manda T. said...

Yay, you're back!
Kudos to you for repainting furniture...I've looked up the DIY on that before...
Love the all white theme!

You should show us your court ceremony dress if you have one picked out (or a sneak peek)

xo, Manda

Tephany Baptist said...

Awesomeness!!! Love your blog! *clicks follow button